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This is a personal website. It’s purpose is to  provide news and perspective about happenings in earth’s past, it’s present and future.   It is supported solely from personal funds and is not a source of income. Content may be derived from other sources and presented from Lou’s point of view. This is my contribution to humanity! ……. Lou Pet
Welcome to Earthology The most recent post is at the top of the master index at the right. You may also use the Next /Prev buttons on the menu bar above. This is not a religious website, however, because  the nature of some subjects I talk about are spiritual in nature some aspects of religion may be included from time to time. Some topics are disturbing, even depressing but they need to be mentioned as we progress on our path to a bright and happy future. Let me assure you that we are being helped by many friends from the unseen realm who have abilities and technologies we can not even Imagen! They have already stopped several attempts we earthlings have made to start nuclear conflicts. I have so many interesting topics to discuss!  If you are at all awake to what is happening you should subscribe to one of my social links above to get my notifications. Lou Pet