Yes it is Christmas eve day as I write this. We had our family festivities yesterday so we are relaxing today.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas an hope your family festivities are as wonderful as ours! When I first saw the Vietnam Memorial picture it touched my emotions and I felt I just needed to do something with it! No, the image is not one of my pictures and I wish I knew who took it so I could give them credit! I searched the Internet but could not find the photographer. The composition is wonderful and the leading lines are superb but the element that makes this image standout from the multitude of others just like it posted on the net is the background sky! I did make the following adjustments to the image using Photoscape, another one of my favorite free editors. I Sharpened the image and used the “Bloom” function to give a slight HDR effect then applied the star burst using the “Flare” “Filter” to invoke a spiritual feeling. I have to thank my wife who saw the picture on facebook and brought it to my attention. The rest of the story has to due with the verse and is a subject more suited to be discussed on my other website  I added a post on Earthology that talks about the good news happening in the world today. Here is the link to that post
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The Story of the picture below
12-08-2017 - My latest Youtube tutorial
Make a personalized greeting card that you can include in an Email, print or include in your Christmas letter. It’s all done online, for free, using specialty websites.  Enjoy! . . . . . . Lou Pet Click picture to enlarge
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Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC
The Rest of the Story
February 19, 2018
Photographing the Orchids
I hadn’t been out photographing lately so the Batavia Orchid Society’s annual orchid show was a good opportunity to brush off some of the dust from my photo equipment. All of the images from the Batavia Orchid show were taken with the Sony RX100 MK2 using available light which made the use of a tripod a must. All setting were made manually. ISO 200 was used and the aperture and shutter speed were set for each image. A remote shutter release was used. Image processing was done using Faststone Image Viewer and Photoscape.  Both programs are free with donations suggested. Both programs also work great on my new Windows 10 computer. The frames were added online using I plan to make a tutorial video soon to show exactly how I made adjustments and added the frames.  Be sure to click on one of the links at the top of the page to be notified when the tutorial is posted.
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