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Welcome to my newest website. With this site I hope to keep you updated with what is happening in the lives of Lou and Val. Here we will be talking mostly about fun things we and our family are doing. I will not be duplicating any articles/posts I use on earthololy but I will let you know when new information is added to that site. New information will be added below, piece by piece, over time and every so often that information will be removed from this page and archived. Once archived it will be added to the  master index on the right so you can read it later. Subscribe using the social links in the header. -  Lou Pet (click image to enlarge)
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Batavia, IL - Lou Pet
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My latest Youtube tutorial 12-8-2017
Make a personalized greeting card that you can include in an Email, print or include in your Christmas letter. It’s all done online, for free, using specialty websites.  Enjoy! . . . . . . Lou Pet Click picture to enlarge
Chicago Skyline by Lou Pet